From Network Penetration tests, Web Application security audits, Source Code reviews to Mobile Application audits, Security Recon
pulls out all the stops when it comes to your security

Network Penetration testing

We don't wait for the lights to go off, rather once we begin they keep blinking. Much like Christmas!

Web Application Security Audits

Worried about saving credit card information insecurely? We touch upon every inch of your application, leaving nothing to chance.

Source Code Reviews

Where all the magic happens is usually the same place where the shit hits the fan. We look for source code vulnerabilities to prevent this.

What makes SECURITY RECON a great partner?

We don't do this for the money, we do it because we are incredibly passionate about security
Some of the reasons you would fall in love with us

  • Blitzkrieg testing

    Blazing fast speeds of testing and reporting. Want a last minute test done? No problem, we will put on a pot of coffee

  • No laptop while on vacation?

    We create reports for smartphones as well. Use our one page report to get the important stuff along with your tan on the beach

  • syntactically correct reports

    We vouch for every single report that comes out of our stable. The cat never sneaks close enough to the keyboard

  • Bug Free

    If there is a bug to be found, you can be sure it will be. We leave behind a clean environment

  • Airport "Terminal"?

    No clue about technical jargon? Don't worry we explain things in plain English. When we say Terminal, we tell which one we're talking about

  • Not Chequered!

    Not just anything gets flagged, only things that are close to catastrophic levels

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